"Ann blew me away during our first conversation. I was feeling “stuck” and a little depressed. I realize now that I was looking for some direction. Ann provided that and more!"

Virginia S.

During a Numerology reading, we will examine your life’s purpose and all of the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime. We will also explore your hidden talents as well as what will really bring you joy.

Your birth code can identify 4 potential karmic debts which often have a dramatic impact on your life. You will be able to see when/if you experienced them in the past and when/if  you will experience them in the future. Understanding the influence these karmic debts have on you will make it much easier to learn the lessons once and for all!

We will also explore where you are in your 9-year cycle. Are you in a year of one which offers new opportunities and green lights to move ahead? Or maybe you are in a year of 9 year which offers a time to let go of all the things in your life that have not been serving you well. 

By assessing your chart, we can determine which numbers vibrate in sync with yours ultimately helping you to make better relationship choices in your life. If you would like to explore a significant other or family member during your reading, be sure to include their information when booking your session. NOTE: If asking me to explore someone else’s chart, it is important that you gain their permission before I read it.

As this is also an Intuitive reading, I am often called to deliver messages from Spirit through the use of Angel Oracle cards.

My readings are conducted over ZOOM (www.zoom.us). Once your reading is complete, I will email the audio and your written chart to you and any other resources I feel might benefit you. Charts are approximately 38 pages long and include a monthly forecast. 

*Includes audio recording, full Numerology chart & monthly forecast.

"Ann really knows how to make learning fun and has the ability to make a complex subject easy to understand. She is a master at her craft and helped me gain the confidence to read for friends and family."

Tracie Adkins.

NOTE: This session is only available to those who have already purchased 

a 90 minute Reading with me.

Need some more one-on-one time with me?

Maybe you want clarification about what’s coming up for you next year.

Maybe you are facing a decision you need some help with.

This is the perfect option for you!

*Includes audio recording and updated chart.

60 Minute Follow up Reading

$229.00 USD

Because this work attracts a global clientele, fees are charged in US dollars. Canadian clients, please note, for ease of booking you are charged in $US. I will incur the tax that would normally be applied to that fee. Please be advised that if you fail to make your scheduled appointment, your reading will be recorded during your scheduled time. I will follow up with your recording and written chart. Rescheduling will not be possible for missed appointments.