Hey, I'm Ann

My name is Ann Perry and I, just like you, had many questions about my life’s purpose. Years ago, I was a bit of a metaphysical junkie! I took all sorts of courses, read all sorts of books, experienced all kinds of healing sessions…but my life began to make sense once I discovered Numerology! So, I have committed a third of my life to helping people reconnect to their Soul’s contract through Numerology readings, workshops and courses. There is no bigger thrill for me than to help you to identify what the heck you are here for! So why would you choose me as your Numerologist? So why would you choose me as your Numerologist? Well, I believe that you deserve to know what your unique birth code is and I will leave no stone unturned as I reveal it to you.


The Clarity Seekers Community

When you join our community of like-minded seekers, you will be taking an important step forward in discovering who you are and what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime. Maybe you have been feeling a bit lost, directionless or possibly even stuck! Maybe you are tired of how exhausting all of this spiritual study stuff can be! Maybe you are tired of going it alone and just need a fun, supportive community of seekers who also want to explore their spirituality without it having to be a heavy and serious experience.

3 Things Your Birth Date

Can Reveal About You