What's Coming Up for YOU in 2021?

YOU need a plan! | taught by Ann Perry

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You need to be ready for changes!

You need to be prepared for unexpected events!

YOU need to have a plan!

So here's the thing. 2020 has been a year where the world literally stopped. The planet has never experienced the likes of 2020 before. Many of us have been examining our foundations, our finances, our careers, our relationships. This has been an extreme TIME OUT!

2020 has been like the longest-running season of SURVIVOR ever!!

So what have you learned this year? 

What I have noticed is that many people are seeing that they have just been going from day to day without a plan. They haven't set any intentions or goals. They exist every day with their hands open ready to accept whatever gets dished out to them.

And guess what? They often feel trapped, stuck, and in hopeless situations. They feel out of control


"People who fail to plan...
plan to fail!"

Many prefer to live their lives without a plan. They love to live by the seat of their pants. But NOTHING could have prepared us for what we have all experienced this year. That's where a plan may have helped us all.

This course is designed to give you a heads up for 2021.

Wouldn't you have appreciated a heads up on 2020? Just say'n!!

I will be giving you all the tools necessary to plan your year ahead so you can THRIVE in our Universal year of FIVE!

What my students are saying...

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ann Perry’s class “What’s coming up for you in 2021”. Ann is a wonderful teacher, very nurturing and really knows her Numerology. I loved that the class was small, intimate and included participants from North America and Europe. Ann spent a fair bit of time teaching us about the Essence Definitions which was really enlightening as they are a part of Numerology that very few of us understand. This course gives you a monthly Calendar template which you can follow and it will help to guide you to make the most of every month according to the personal month and essence that you are in. I am very excited about using this monthly template. I would highly recommend taking any of Ann’s classes, you won’t be disappointed!" Chris B

"I just finished Ann Perry's course, What's Coming up in 2021! All I can say is Wow! This is a huge help to plan 2021 but also helps for many years going forward! This is not just a plan for this upcoming year this could help you plan every year after! Ann makes it simple and easy to see patterns in your life and how your essence can affect your personal year. For a gal who has a lot of karmic debt, this really helped me understand many events in my life as well. I feel like I have a great advantage in business, finances and personal matters for many years to come. Thankyou, Ann for making this course so easy to navigate that anyone, no matter what your understanding is of numerology, can do this!"

Laura Warren Psychic Medium

Your course includes…

  • 2.5 hours of instruction with me. 
  • Full audio/video "downloadable" recording so you can reference the content whenever you need to.
  • A full explanation of the 9-year epicycle and how it plays a role in YOUR life AND how it will influence your relationships.
  • A full explanation of the essences affecting your personal year. The essence tells us HOW you will get through this year.

  • The Essences are a HUGE influential factor that most Numerologist's never even talk about!

  • A complete understanding of how the universal year of 5 will affect YOUR personal year.

  • A template for monthly planning.

  • Family dynamics chart so you can chart your loved one's year ahead.

  • Course-related pdf handouts.

Ann Perry
Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist


My name is Ann Perry and I, just like you, had many questions about my life’s purpose.

Years ago, I was a bit of a metaphysical junkie! I took all sorts of courses, read all sorts of books, experienced all kinds of healing sessions…but my life began to make sense once I discovered Numerology!

So, I have committed a third of my life to helping people reconnect to their Soul’s contract through Numerology readings, workshops and courses. There is no bigger thrill for me than to help you identify what the heck you are here for!

So why would you choose me as your teacher?

Well, I believe that you deserve to know what your unique birth code is and that there is nothing “simple” about it!

I'm also not that different than you. I go through the highs and lows of life just like everyone else. The difference is that I know how to ride out the rough times because I know how to interpret the numbers in my birth code. 

I want to help you to clearly understand your birth code!

 So whichever of my courses you choose to enroll in, you can be assured that I have your best interest at heart.

Long before I discovered the power of Numerology, I went through a pretty dark period in my life. It seemed like forever that I was depressed and feeling stuck. My life was pretty dark and I felt completely directionless. But when I started studying Numerology I began to learn that there are cycles that we go through that can contribute to this state of darkness. As soon as I knew how to read the numbers I went back to reflect upon that year. 

WOW!!! If only someone had told me that this grim time in my life would start here and end there! I would have coped so much better had I known this awful state had an end date.

When your life sucks, I assure you, it only sucks for now! It does and WILL get better!

I know I’m supposed to tell you that I’m a frequent guest speaker on radio and television and that I regularly contribute to various publications, but what I really want you to know about me is that I am genuinely passionate about helping you move forward out of your funk! I will often share parts of my life with you, not to make it “about me” but because I believe my crazy life experiences have paved the way to help you. So, I guess my gift is being relateable.

On a more personal note, I have a passion for horses and even though my body still questions why, I still ride regularly. My Mom instilled within me a passion for gardening and the love of all creatures big and small.

I have two wonderful sons who make me proud every single day. I am living a dream life with my soul mate on the shores of Nova Scotia. I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to do what I love and love what I do!

My life purpose is to help you to discover yours.