COMING SOON in The Clarity Seekers Community!

Tuesday, September 27th AT 2PM ET

Join me and my guest

Annette Dalloo

Transformational Coach

Creating Magic With Your Crystal Grid

Part Two of our Two Part Manifestation Series

Wow! We don't just have ONE Master Class this month! We have TWO!

Back by poplular demand is Transformational Coach Annette Dalloo. You first met Annette a few months ago when she shared all the reasons why you would want to explore your Akashic Records.

Recently, Annette shared with us how to create affirmations that simply kick ass! Now...join Annette as she helps us to learn how to turbo charge your affirmations by placing them inside your crystal grid!

Let's take your affirmations to the next level. Let's learn how to ignite them with the power of crystals!

So come with an open heart and mind and join us as we explore different ways to manifest what will truly make you happy.