COMING SOON in The Clarity Seekers Community!

Monday, Febuary 6th at 7PM ET

& Monday February 13th at 7:00pm ET

Join me and my guest

Corilee Fox

Life Coach, Soul Reader, Reiki Master,

Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor, Workshop Facilitator


What is the inner child and what does she have to offer?

Why do we want to investigate our inner child wounds?

They're not our "flaws."

They're what we came here to learn!

Corilee will help us to tap into our wounds

so that we can gently heal them.

Through discussions and guided meditations we will learn how to

honour our inner child allowing new life and energy to flow through us.

Introducing Corilee...

Corilee’s spiritual journey began 20 years ago with yoga and meditation, learning how to connect with herself - mind as well as body and spirit. This led to working with energy, opening to her intuition, befriending her emotions and embarking on a self healing journey. Now she works with others as an intuitive coach, reader and business mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She shares her learnings about the self healing journey on Tik Tok and Instagram.

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