COMING SOON in The Clarity Seekers Community!

Monday, January 15th @ 6PM ET

Join me and my guest

Transformational NLP Practitioner

Delilah Abaya


Join me and Transformational NLP Practitioner, Delilah Abaya as we bring awareness to what it means to be an Underearner. We will discuss the signs, symptoms, behaviors, patterns and explore possible root causes from childhood. Pulling from her own healing and life experience as an Underearner, Delilah will share her story of coming out of hiding and stepping into her potential when it comes to understanding this fascinating and not often talked about addiction/compulsive behavior. With 2024 being Year 8, we kick off this New Year with a powerful conversation about money, courage, and one’s own untapped potential!

Monday January 22nd. @ 6PM ET


Join me and Life Path 11 Delilah Abaya in a deep dive on what Neurolinguistic Programming is and how it is used as a healing modality. Delilah will share her story before finding NLP, what was different about Transformational NLP, and how her life has changed since. Get the inside scoop here as Delilah will be offering the Clarity Seekers Community an exclusive monthly workshop/circle called Serenity with Self through NLP.

Introducing Delilah ...

Delilah is a Transformational NLP Practitioner living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps clients gain clarity on what it is they would like in their life using the abundant toolbox from the realm of Neurolinguistic Programming. With her experience as a yoga teacher and her own recovery from addiction, she guides others to a deep understanding of themselves and what conditioning and programming is in conflict with what one truly desires at a subconscious level. Her focus is on holding a compassionate understanding of all parts of you, allowing space for unexpressed emotions to be seen and heard, and nurturing what shows up to allow you to find Serenity with Self.