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Somewhere along the line Master 11's  “learned”  that you weren’t worthy of what you needed.

Your parents may have taught you that you shouldn’t ask for what you need.

Your teachers may have compared you to other students either good or bad.

Your employer may have taught you that you aren’t good enough for the job.

The media may have taught you that you aren’t slim enough, rich enough, smart enough….or simply not enough!

You may have been taught that you are too sensitive, too smart, too depressed.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

This is all too familiar to me and this is exactly why I have created this webinar!

During this webinar we will examine why you may feel like something is wrong with you. 

Master 11's often tell me that they don't feel like this is their planet! 

"Surely this is a mistake and the Mother Ship will be back soon to take me back to where I DO belong!

What would it feel like to know that there is NOTHING wrong with you and that you are Divinely perfect just the way you are?

How could your life improve if you had just 4 simple steps to regain your sense of self worth?

How much longer do you plan on suffering in silence?

Join me NOW as we explore...

How forgiving yourself for who you used to be is the first step to reclaiming your self worth.

How accepting yourself...all of yourself is the ticket!

How being your own best cheer leader is so important!

How to surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. (that's code for "find your tribe!")

What is WRONG with Master 11's? 

Let's start out by discovering what is RIGHT about them!

*This webinar originally appeared as an "exclusive" option in the Master Number 11 paid Membership. Your purchase includes the opportunity to download the course to your device.

Ann Perry

Professional Numerologist

I have been a Professional Numerologist since 2001. I began to study Numerology to help me better understand my Reiki clients. Simply knowing their date of birth provided me with volumes of information about them and their unique soul's journey. My soul's urge number is a 6 so teaching Numerology was a natural choice for me. My Life path number is a 7 which declares me to follow the role of a spiritual teacher who teaches from her own personal experiences. Every obstacle I have ever encountered has been turned into a learning opportunity for me and now for you. 

Course curriculum

    1. What Is Wrong With Master Number 11's? How To Reclaim Your Self Worth

    2. 4 Steps to Help You Re-Claim Your Self Worth

    3. Quiz

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Jenna Close

This is full of great advice and reminders Thank you

This is full of great advice and reminders Thank you

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