Do You Have A Karmic Debt?

Discover the Big Lessons in Your Date of Birth! | taught by Ann Perry

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Welcome to "Do You Have a Karmic Debt?

So what made you check out this course? 

Maybe Spirit felt it was time for you to dig into your birth code. Maybe you have decided to explore your Soul's contract further? 

The very fact that you are exploring this mini introductory course tells me that you are curious about the potential for previous lifetimes and the possibility of reincarnation.

"Do You Have a Karmic Debt?" explores how karmic debts affect your journey in this lifetime! I will teach you how to uncover these hidden clues simply by looking at your date of birth.

I'll let you in on a secret. I'm a simple kind of gal and I like complicated subjects to be broken down into language I can understand and relate to! I have no doubt you do too!

This course will help you to identify if you, in fact, have any karmic debts which can be uncovered using SIMPLE to apply Numerology applications.

Trust me! I am no Math wizard!!! This is simple math at it's best!

If you can add 2+2 you will master this course in no time!

During our time together I will explain to you the meaning of each of the 4 karmic debts that are visible in your date of birth. 

Are they a big life lesson or maybe a sub lesson? Let's find out!

When you know you have a karmic debt you can embrace the lesson rather than constantly fight it!

Find out why you may have trust issues. Maybe you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by life's ever-present obstacles. Maybe you are having trouble connecting with people which leaves you feeling alone. Possibly you are battling your way through a life full of addictions. All of these issues can be connected to karma!

Understanding the impact that karmic debts have on your life can translate into understanding what it means in others lives as well! Just imagine how much richer your relationships could be with this knowledge! Maybe you could cut your friend some slack when she's behaving badly because YOU know she's working through a karmic debt. 

Aren't you just a wee bit curious to know if you have any karmic debts you are working on?

Let's jump in together to find out!

See you inside!

Ann Perry
Ann Perry
Professional Numerologist


My name is Ann Perry and I, just like you, had many questions about my life’s purpose.

Years ago, I was a bit of a metaphysical junkie! I took all sorts of courses, read all sorts of books, experienced all kinds of healing sessions…but my life began to make sense once I discovered Numerology!

So, I have committed a third of my life to helping people reconnect to their Soul’s contract through Numerology readings, workshops and courses. There is no bigger thrill for me than to help you identify what the heck you are here for!

So why would you choose me as your teacher?

Well, I believe that you deserve to know what your unique birth code is and that there is nothing “simple” about it!

I'm also not that different than you. I go through the highs and lows of life just like everyone else. The difference is that I know how to ride out the rough times because I know how to interpret the numbers in my birth code. 

I want to help you to clearly understand your birth code!

 So whichever of my courses you choose to enroll in, you can be assured that I have your best interest at heart.

Long before I discovered the power of Numerology, I went through a pretty dark period in my life. It seemed like forever that I was depressed and feeling stuck. My life was pretty dark and I felt completely directionless. But when I started studying Numerology I began to learn that there are cycles that we go through that can contribute to this state of darkness. As soon as I knew how to read the numbers I went back to reflect upon that year. 

WOW!!! If only someone had told me that this grim time in my life would start here and end there! I would have coped so much better had I known this awful state had an end date.

When your life sucks, I assure you, it only sucks for now! It does and WILL get better!

I know I’m supposed to tell you that I’m a frequent guest speaker on radio and television and that I regularly contribute to various publications, but what I really want you to know about me is that I am genuinely passionate about helping you move forward out of your funk! I will often share parts of my life with you, not to make it “about me” but because I believe my crazy life experiences have paved the way to help you. So, I guess my gift is being relateable.

On a more personal note, I have a passion for horses and even though my body still questions why, I still ride regularly. My Mom instilled within me a passion for gardening and the love of all creatures big and small.

I have two wonderful sons who make me proud every single day. I am living a dream life with my soul mate on the shores of Nova Scotia. I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to do what I love and love what I do!

My life purpose is to help you to discover yours.


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Do You Have a Karmic Debt?
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Karmic Debts in Life Path Numbers
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Karmic Debts in Birth "Day" Numbers
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Karmic Debt 13/4
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Karmic Debt 14/5
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Karmic Debt 16/7
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Karmic Debt 19/1
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Congratulations! So What's Next?
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Contact Me
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Reviews (27)


by Daisy Collins
I learnt so much from this and I could not stop listening! Thank you Ann

Great information

by Debra Zachau
Thank you for this free class about karmic debt. I learned a lot and found it so interesting.


by Sandy Atkins
Love your energy and your ability to teach in a way that is informative and non judgemental. Very excited to have found you.
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by Daisy Collins
I learnt so much from this and I could not stop listening! Thank you Ann

Great information

by Debra Zachau
Thank you for this free class about karmic debt. I learned a lot and found it so interesting.


by Sandy Atkins
Love your energy and your ability to teach in a way that is informative and non judgemental. Very excited to have found you.

title is good tells what it is about

by marian clare
Understanding what the numbers mean and how find and use them is important and you do a wonderful job explaining that. Thank you.


by Beverly Elaine Hicks

Karmic debt

by Renuka Sawhney
Yes I agree with your interpretation of my karmic debt which is number 13 . Thankyou

Loved it

by christopher baylor
Very informative & easy to understand :)

Karmic Debt

by rita bailey ikeda
Thank you Ann for offering this Karmic debt course. It was very interesting and I genuinely appreciate your life skills to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with us!

by Ashley kirkman

Karmic Debt

by Diana Guynn
Good information, although didn't apply to me; I do understand others better in my life with this material.

by Julie Sewor
i have learned a fair bit. i am moving to a new place and will be looking to slip a piece of paper behind the number. thankyou

Karmic Debt

by Nicole Kratochvil
I don't have Karmic debt, however my son has a 16/7 and a destiny/expression #11/2 and a #22/4 personality number. He's still young (14) but has always been an old soul to me. Really interesting!! So strange how much numerology fits most of this household!

Karmic Debt

by Wendy McDonald
Great Information and presentation of information. Easy to follow and understand. Thank you Wendy

by Karine Nersisyan

Clear and concise

by Carole Logsdon
Great job, I have read around this subject and not clearly understood what it was all about. You do a great job making it simple to understand. Thanks from a 16/7

by cherrelle peterson

by Martine Evans

Really interesting info

by Jo Hall
I found this to be really insightful and has helped me to understand a few things about my own life. Thank you for making this available - I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Clearly introduces the course content

by AmandaJane Bell
Presented and explained so that the content was easily understood and easy to follow. Thank you :)


by Patricia Gonzalez
It was very clear and I learned a lot about Karmic Debt

by Gary Griffin


by Yaw Nyarko
Great insights shared :)

by Virginia Jennings
Loved it! Thank you.

Do you have karmic debt

by Lynne Metz
I enjoyed it I do not have karmic debt at least in my life Path number I am an 11 but I learned a lot about my son-in-law one of my daughters my sister-in-law it was very informative. Thank you

Excellent course

by Stephenie Jewell
I have learned so much through Ann's online videos and had a major aha moment during the karmic debt course. I am forever grateful to Ann Perry for sharing her knowledge of numerology in such a wonderful way, thank you!

by Audrey Konarski

by Sheena Puckett